​Maiko Location Photo Plan


Photographer will take you Gion area, a home of maiko.

Why don't you take a photo with tasteful scenery in the background?

You can get about 100 photos. Shooting time is 1hour and it takes 2.5hours to finish include changing cloth and makeup.

​※10,000yen will be charged as a deposit while reservation.

Higashiyama Plan

【Time】about 30 minutes 

【photos】about 50

【reservation time】9AM / 13:30PM

​※Geiko is not available for this plan.

1 person             49,500yen

2 person(maiko)               77,000yen

couple plan           60,500yen

male in premium hakama

Shosei-en Garden Plan

1 person             93,500yen

2 person(maiko)               121,000yen

couple plan          104,500yen

male in premium hakama

【Time】about 30minutes 

【photos】about 50

【reservation time】9AM / 13:30PM

​※From Nov 1st to Mar. 31st, 9AM only.

​※Geiko is not available for this plan.

Tofukuji Temple Plan

1 person             115,500yen

2 person(maiko)               143,000yen

couple plan           126,500yen

male in premium hakama

【Time】about 30minutes 

【photos】about 50

【reservation time】9AM / 13:30PM

​※From Nov 1st to Mar. 31st, 9AM only.

​※Geiko is not available for this plan.

Oike Plan

【Time】about 30 minutes 

【photos】about 50

【reservation time】9AM / 13:30PM

In a house with hundred years of history,

you can enjoy a photo shooting just like a movie scene.

1 person(maiko/geiko)      42,900yen

2 person(maiko/geiko)    70,400yen

couple plan(maiko/geiko)     53,900yen

male in premium hakama​


Change to Maiko/Geiko      +29,700yen


  • Costume and dress-up

  • Wig and make up

  • Assistant while photo shooting

  • Taxi

  • Japanese umbrella

  • Photography

  • Pictures in data format


Traditional Maiko makeup only use 3 colors,

which is red, white and black.

Our makeup process is same as real maiko's.

You can experience authentic makeover.

02. Wig & Ornament 

Maiko wear different hair accessory depends on season.

We provide same ornaments that real maiko use. 

The ornaments are made by hand. 


There are costumes which maiko used to wear in Yumeyakata. 

You can choose your favorite one!


※Tax is not included. ※The price may change without notice.

USB memory


Studio Photography (1shot)


You can add a studio photo to an album for free.

Album  (20page)


​Preparation photos


Take photo during makeup and dressing. We highly recommend this option to who make an album.


Punctuality is essential. If you are late for the appointment, the photo shoot may be cancelled.

4 people(include a photographer and an assistant)can get in a taxi. If there are more than 5 people, we will arrange for another taxi. However only one taxi fare is included the package. Please inquire if you have more than 3 people.

About Deposit

※When you make an appointment of Yumeyakata's Maiko Package, a deposit of 11,000yen will be billed. An Invoice will be issued through e-mail after your reservation is confirmed. Payment is acceptable by credit card only, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

※The deposit will be paid back due to severe weather conditions or force of nature

※If the deposit fee is not paid by the deadline, the reservation is automatically cancelled.

Payment Methods

What types of payment does Yumeyakata accept?


VISA / Master / American Express / JCB


We will return the deposit if the cancellation occurs within 30 days from the date of your reservation confirmed and more than 8 days before the reservation date.


- NO SHOW: If you do not cancel your reservation and do not show up, the deposit cannot be refunded.